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The Beginner Mix Course is the foundation. It covers the basics in detail - correct set up procedure, terminology, basic music theory, the roles of the DJ, principles of mixing and a whole lot more... everything you need to get started.

The Beginner Scratch Course is available to all - it is designed for those entirely new to the world of DJing, but can also benefit a more experienced DJ who wishes to fill any gaps in their knowledge.​


Courses are structured as 6 x one-to-one lessons. Lessons are recorded and made available online for you to review as you need. We also provide in-depth notes and resources to accompany each lesson and provide a number of homework tasks each week, building on the skills and principles covered.

Our beginner courses are designed to be an intensive introduction to specific areas of DJing - we suggest taking a lesson each week over a 6 week period, with at least one hours practice/revision each day in between - however you may wish to space your lessons out to fit around other commitments.

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Beginner Mix Course
6 x 2 hour lessons - £300

​​When purchasing your first individual lesson / beginner course, please contact us to book your preferred time-slots. We will also arrange a brief Zoom meeting to discuss your requirements prior to your first session.

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