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The Beginner Scratch Course is a comprehensive beginner's guide to Scratching - the art of manually manipulating a vinyl record. It covers the origins, core principles and theory of scratching, explores the primary techniques along with underlying relationships between them and provides thorough explanations of everything you need to know to cut it up fresh.

The aim is to arm you with tricks and techniques, but also a knowledge and understanding of how and why they work together - the tools to develop your skills further in future.

The Beginner Scratch Course is available to all, but for best results you will need to have a good grasp of the basic principles of DJing. This course is designed to follow on from the Beginner Mix Course, we would recommend that absolute beginners start there.​


Courses are structured as 6 x one-to-one lessons. Lessons are recorded and made available online for you to review as you need. We also provide in-depth notes and resources to accompany each lesson and provide a number of homework tasks each week, building on the skills and principles covered.

Our beginner courses are designed to be an intensive introduction to specific areas of DJing - we suggest taking a lesson each week over a 6 week period, with at least one hours practice/revision each day in between - however you may wish to space your lessons out to fit around other commitments.

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Beginner Scratch Course
6 x 2 hour lessons - £300

​​When purchasing your first individual lesson / beginner course, please contact us to book your preferred time-slots.

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