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  1. Download the Zoom installer at and install the app on your system.

  2. Create a free account, ideally with the same email address as your Up2Scratch DJ Academy account.

  3. Open the Zoom app, then find the “Settings” page - Click your profile pic/initials in the top right, then select Settings.

  4. Select the “Audio” tab from the menu.

  5. Untick “Automatically adjust microphone volume”. Find a good position for your laptop (your DJ setup needs to be visible, you’ll also need to be able to see the screen while using it). Play a track at your preferred volume within your practice area, then adjust the slider until the graphic volume bar reaches around 80-95%-ish.

  6. Click the “Advanced” button, then tick “Show in-meeting option to Enable Original Sound from microphone”.

  7. Set “Suppress Persistent Background Noise” to “Disable”.
    Set “Suppress Intermittent Background Noise” to “Disable”
    Set “Echo Cancellation” to “Auto”.

  8. When you join a Zoom meeting, select “Join With Computer Audio” when prompted, then click the “Turn On Original Sound” button at the top left of the window.


You’re now sending the best quality audio available. We would advise that you use your laptop microphone, then run audio from your laptop to your DJ mixer using an aux cable (RCA to mini jack). 


We make sure that everything sounds good at both ends before proceeding with your lesson, your 2 hours will start once all the technical stuff is working!

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