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Based in Brighton UK, Up2Scratch DJ Academy provides clear and practical SUPPORT for all, from beginners to seasoned pros. 


Want to nail that SCRATCH technique? Double up, extend and JUGGLE your favourite track? Work towards smashing that festival set? Or just MIX a few jams without clearing the floor?

We'll help you get to the next level.


          Time to get...


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Individual Lessons

Beginner Mix Course

Beginner Scratch Course

Beginner Beat Juggle Course


J Felix
Tru Thoughts / 1BTN

"I hadn't touched the decks in years when I had lessons with Tom and he taught me some really useful tips about beat matching and rhythm when DJing. Tom is what I call a 'proper' DJ. He knows how to cut and scratch and get very technical, but also know how to break it down and keep it simple for beginners."

Evita Koné
World Wide Connects

"I had one lesson with Tom about 2 years ago and I still remember the principles he taught me when I practice today. He explains the fundamental concepts very clearly and I never felt overwhelmed or overloaded with information. Would 100% recommend his lessons!"

Olly B
RK Bass / Playback UK

"I've been getting scratch tuition from Tom since autumn 2019. Tom is an excellent teacher, calm and measured. Super patient! Explains and shows everything in a really understandable step-by-step process. Whenever I've had difficulties getting my head round different scratch techniques or patterns, he's brilliant at finding other ways to help you understand or trick your mind into being able to do it. Everything from scratching to juggling, really useful practice videos at the end of each session and great homework videos.

We started off doing 1-on-1 sessions in person, and since Covid have switched to Zoom. Had my doubts, but these sessions are easily as good. With the use of webcams, especially the overhead view, these personalised lessons are super helpful. I'd highly recommend these sessions from basic to higher levels, couldn't rate Tom any higher!! 10/10"

We offer live & interactive ONE TO ONE sessions. Lessons are made available for you to rewatch and revise, so you won't miss a beat. Our aim is to equip you with the tools to make progress  -   

 FUNDAMENTAL KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS.                                   


Whether you're with us for the distance or a single lesson,

we want to help you make those break-throughs 

-  LIGHTBULB MOMENTS  -  where it suddenly all makes sense. These are the building blocks of the ACCOMPLISHED DJ.                    

We offer individual lessons, as often as you need, based on your personal AIMS & AMBITIONS. We’ve also created a collection of BEGINNER COURSES built around CORE PRINCIPLES for GUIDED STEPS into the world of DJING & TURNTABLISM.                  

Up2Scratch DJ Academy is proud to work with the following partners...

Battle Ave

Turntablist brand at the forefront of global DJ culture. Our supporter and mentor since day one.

Cut & Paste Records

Premium quality scratch tools for the discerning DJ.

Dead Wax Social

Vinyl-only venue in central Brighton. Host to many of our events & open scratch sessions.

Rarekind Records

The UK's finest independent record shop, specialising in Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and more.

RK Bass

Specialist suppliers of Drum & Bass, Jungle and Dubstep on vinyl.

Squared Roots

Independent printer & manufacturer offering professional quality.

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