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Up2Scratch began in 2016, in Brighton, UK. An open tables scratch session, with guest performers, battles and a vinyl sale, our aim was to bring DJs & producers together to share our passions - Turntablism, beats, vinyl & DJ culture.

We wanted to run the sort of sessions that DJs can make their own, the kind of events we wanted to attend, inspired by the DIY turntablism community and beat scene. We've been honoured to host some of the world's premier turntablists & producers, as well as local up & coming talents... Excess, Rasp, KillaJewel, Manipulate, Muzzell, JFB, As-If, Naive Ted, Symatic, Simiah, Jimmy Penguin, Mr Slipz, Djackulate, Ded Tebiase, Downstroke, DubbaDutch, Joe Corfield, Fidel Cutstro, Ile Flottante, Lewis James, Psalm Trees amongst others.

Now into our 4th year, we're proud to have built a platform for talented artists, created an open minded, no-pressure space for DJs of all abilities and found our niche within the rich history of Brighton based turntablism.

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DJ Tom Yum

Tom has been behind the turntables for over 15 years - a seasoned turntablist DJ specialising in spinning Hip Hop, Funk & Soul on vinyl. He is the founder and coordinator of Up2Scratch.

Over the years Tom has shared stages with Hip Hop legends (MF Doom, Slum Village, KRS One, Lord Finesse) & world renowned DJs (Kentaro, J Rocc), run a record label (Yogocop Records), worked for international DJ brands (Battle Avenue), performed at festivals (Outlook, Boom Bap), dropped mixtapes, entered battles & guested radio shows, as well as holding it down on the ones & twos in Brighton and beyond.

Along the way, Tom has amassed a comprehensive understanding of the art of DJing and a nerd-level passion for scratching and creative mixing techniques, spending many, many hours honing skills to a high level.

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